Building Prosperity: Passive Income Wisdom for Nigeria's Current Reality

The present economic landscape in Nigeria might give investors pause when considering investments. Numerous Nigerians abroad perceive Nigeria as a challenging environment. However, despite the seemingly alarming state of the country, a resilient group has uncovered the key to not only navigating the current economic challenges but also thriving with confidence, accumulating extra wealth in their bank accounts and remaining unfazed by currency fluctuations.

This approach goes beyond the usual way people invest in real estate, not just for everyone. It’s about Passive Income, a smart way to invest where you get good profits with less risk and without putting in much time or effort. In today’s Nigeria, you have a reliable investment that makes money regularly, even if you’re not actively involved. Plus, you keep earning a significant part of what you invested, and your investment keeps growing over time. Ready to explore this smart investment?

"assets" "liability"

In the world of real estate investment, it’s not uncommon for eager investors to acquire a property with the hopeful notion that they’ve secured a valuable asset. However, I’m here to provide a dose of reality – what you’ve actually purchased might be more of a liability than an asset.

Consider this: Did you factor in the developmental fee when making your property investment? Have you meticulously researched the quantity of blocks required for your construction plans? And let’s not forget those countless sleepless nights dealing with on-site workers – a common struggle for many property owners.

But fear not! It’s time to pivot towards a more strategic and prosperous investment journey. 


Your investment should not just be a purchase; it should be a wise and lucrative decision that works in your favor. Let’s chart a course for success in real estate together!

Buy, Earn, Grow
Buy Earn and Grow

Imagine an investment that gives you 10% every 3 months without you working or laying a finger on anything other than acquisition?


It is no more a myth or a  falasy, it is a proven strategy that many clienteles in diaspora are overwhelmed at the rate of return and value increase in their asset.


Buying a property in an economic climate that is not conducive and still earning returns of investment quarterly is the game changer


The average cost of building a convenient 3 bedroom bungalow depending on the location is between ₦ 20,000,000.00 (Twenty million naira) and ₦ 40,000,000.00 (Forty Million naira). All these depends on location and the quality of materials used.

Averagely many find this very expensive and the easiest way to earn revenue on a property like this is getting Rental Income. 

Miday Consult International brings a life-changing opportunity with Georgia City.


A farm estate where you buy land and you earn Rental Income quarterly for renting to Agripreneurs.


  • Cost of acquisition is Relatively low. You will be acquiring a cash generating property at a discounted price.
  • The value of your property increases drastically due to one very important factor, the farming activities within the estate drives the value of the property higher.
  • The most needed essential in Nigeria now is “FOOD” and food production in Nigeria now is GOLD, you really don’t have to be involved all you have to do is provide a land and the rest is history. Miday Consult International will manage the property and all you do is earn revenue every 3 month in the designated bank account you choose for your Rental Income.
  • Gone are the days you are worried from “Omo-Onile” or “Land – Grabbers”, and your security is paramount. Guess what? The land value increases yearly even as you acquire it. Those who bought at ₦ 1.2 million naira last year experienced over 60% capital appreciation already. In less that 90 days of acquisition.
  • The rising cost of building materials is not your concern at the moment because you have a golden goose in buying into Georgia City. As you buy you earn, till you need to make use of the land. Either selling or building on the property.
  • You don’t have to be physically present to know what is going on with your property, where ever you are in the world. It is the true definition of “Let your money work for you”. 
  • The leverage of the value of Naira to British Pounds now or US Dollars is giving you the greatest opportunity of a life time to get an Ultimate Money printing machine in Georgia City. 
  • Wealth creation is one of the best thing about buying Land, earning rental Income on your land is another add on that will ease the financial Tension you might find yourself in whatever country you are in the world, the joy of a 3 months pay out without doing ANYTHING should get into your mind knowing this is the most fantastic opportunity out there now
Buy, Earn, Grow

Investing in Georgia City is a smart move with a low acquisition cost – you’re getting a cash-generating property at a discounted rate. The key factor here? Farming activities in the estate significantly boost property value.

In Nigeria, where food is crucial, owning land here is like owning gold. Miday Consult International takes care of everything – you just earn regular revenue every three months. No more worries about “Omo-Onile” or “Land-Grabbers.” Security is a priority, and your land value keeps growing each year.

The rising cost of building materials? Not your concern! Buying into Georgia City is like having a golden goose – earn as you buy until you’re ready to sell or build.

You don’t need to be physically present to manage your property. Let your money work for you, and take advantage of the favorable Naira to British Pounds or US Dollars exchange rate.

Buying land isn’t just about wealth creation; it’s about easing financial tension. Getting a payout every three months without lifting a finger – that’s the fantastic opportunity Georgia City offers. Don’t miss out!

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I couldn't believe at first when I heard about Georgia city, last year December when I was given two bags of rice and 10 chicken for Christmas bonus, and the check for my First rent, i was glad i made the decision to buy
I came across Miday Consult International through a friend, I have not been to Nigeria for 4 years, now I don't bother sending money home, while I am settling with my family in Canada, my rental takes good care of my parents and siblings in Nigeria and all my documentations were delivered to me in Toronto hassle free.
Fashion Designer
My husband was sceptical about investing in anything Nigeria, until we met Miday Consult International, apart from building a formidable system where we are earning returns far beyond our retirement plans, the property folio through Georgia city is well enough to take care of every of our needs, we plan that our rent for the 2 quarter of 2024 is going to cater for our vacation to the UK to see our grand kids
Mrs Aisha
Retired Civil Servant